Buat anda pecinta olah raga tenis lapangan inilah games 3D Dream Match Tennis Pro2.31, dan anda bisa bergabung dengan pemain lainnya diseluruh dnuia lewat internet

– 6 game modes –
The Online Game, Challenge, Exhibition, Tutorial, Practice and World Tour.

– World Tour –
12 tournaments and 128 players.
Be the No.1 !!!

– Singles and Doubles match –

– The Online Game –
At the game lobby, you can Create or join online games.
Play with the players online!

– 7 court surfaces –
Hard(3), Grass, Clay and Carpet(2) court.

– 12 characters –
Unique 12 characters have different types of play style and abilities.

– Supports keyboard and joypad –
It is strongly recommended to use joypad.

– Supports PLAYER vs. PLAYER and PLAYER vs. COMPUTER –
To play PLAYER vs. PLAYER, there must be at least one joypad.

– 7 computer levels –

*System Requirements*

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
256 MB RAM
DirectX 9.0c
DirectX Compatible 3D Card (GeForce FX 5200 128MB level)

Demo limitations:
The demo version is limited to select one character in the online game,
and limited to play 5 minutes in World Tour, Challenge and Exhibition.
Requirements: 1 GHz CPU , 256 MB RAM , DirectX 9.0c , 3D Card

silahkan klik Dream Match Tennis Pro2.31  di bawah ini:

Download Dream Match Tennis Pro2.31 


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