Iron and Dementia
In the U.S. iron deficiency has been found to be a major problem in people of all ages. Everyone knows the lack of iron causes anemia. Iron is the center of our red blood cells of blood, allowing oxygen to be delivered throughout the body and into your brain. Your brain uses more than 20% of the available oxygen in the blood. Lack of oxygen has a huge impact on the health of your brain and in the formation of dementia. When a person is iron deficient, they may have difficulty in maintaining a conversation or in maintaining a good attention span. Actual ability to absorb iron into the body is dependent on the amount of acid in your stomach. . If you have acid reflux or heartburn and use drugs or antacids to get relief, you affect your ability to absorb iron to absorb iron, the pH in your stomach has become normal, 1-2 pH. Under these conditions, the iron in your stomach chemically reacts with other chemicals and is ready for absorption in the small intestine. When you take medication to reduce acid in your stomach, the iron does not react chemically and changes for the proper absorption in the intestine. The result is iron deficiency. Here are some of the best foods that have iron. fried liver, kidney fries, fried chicken liver, wheat bran, Ovaltine, coco powder, spinach, parsley, radishes, peas, leeks, carob bar, sesame seeds, pistachio nuts, dried coconut, cashew nuts, muesli, cornflakes, oatmeal, brown rice, total cereals, baked potatoes. Use 25 to 50 mg iron supplement every day. If you take iron supplements check with your doctor to see if you really need them. Take excessive iron can lead to poisoning. Keep iron supplements away from children.
B vitamin folic acid and B12 are also a major problem in the United States. B12 has been consistently found deficiencies in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Folic acid and B12 have been found to improve mental health in people who are in a metal institution. Folic acid and B12 work to produce neurotransmitters and replace nerve cells. Lack of neurotransmitters responsible for the loss of a good memory. To ensure vitamin B works for you in keeping your mental capacity start making tactics to make sure you get them in your diet or taking them as supplements. When complete, use the B50 or B100 complex. It seems that after a certain age B12 will not help in alleviating mental changes or problems. Here are some of the best foods that have vitamin B.
fish and seafood
grain breads, cereals, wheat, and barley
chicken, beef, eggs
mostly green leafy vegetables, avocado
cheese, milk and yogurt
beans and peas
oranges, lemons, grapes
a variety of nuts
It is always best to get your minerals and vitamins in food. In food, minerals and vitamins are combined with other chemicals that allow your body to absorb them better than supplements.

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