I have written emails for years about the effect of fish oil on the burning of fat. Lately there has been scientific evidence to confirm that fish oil can reduce abdominal fat and helps in burning fat as part of a solid diet and exercise program. But still I get questions like the one below. “Doc, I’ve read some things in your article archives. I do not understand how fat can burn fat. It makes no sense.” William Hennessey Kansas City. Gosh! This could be one of those god-awful scientific an email. Ok I promise to stay clean after all you’ve got enough on your plate. Here’s the deal. All foods have an effect on the body’s hormone system. Some foods such as fish oil actually behaves like a hormone in that they affect all sorts of other things from the genetic material to other proteins and hormones. Fish oil affects the way cells behave especialy at the individual level. At that level, fish oil helps to get the cells to take up more fat and become better able to use fat as fuel. Most of the fish oil you take has an effect much more on the cellular and hormonal systems than ever to have your calorie intake. Therefore when someone asks me the inevitable, “Are not I going to get fat in oily fish because the fat?” question, I can always say, “No” with conviction. But there is another simple way to say that fish oil works for you. If and when you go to get your cholesterol checked you will usually see a few things about Fish Oil if high quality. First, your good cholesterol will go up. Very good. Next your triglycerides will go down. What are triglycerides? Raw fat on the way. This is the way your body moves fat through your blood stream. Do you export (burn it as fuel in your cell) or imported into the arteries to clog them a heck of a lot depends on how much fish oil you have on your system at the time. So remember, when you eat a bad meal, pop a few extra fish oil! Here is what happens in their arteries, ugly evil, clogging fat if you do: “Doc,. Just wanted to let you know the results of the most recent test my blood I am 61 years old and have been on Lipitor for 9 months. I have been taking fish oil capsules for two months my doctor’s office called yesterday to tell me about my blood work done last week. They just said it was great .. I asked him to please let me know the difference from the last test six months ago. my total cholesterol dropped 158 – 149 This increase is due to lower LDL,. but the amount of interest is the decrease in triglycerides. I’m always high triglycerides. Tests 6 months ago had me at 218, is the latest is 109. Cut in half! Office asked the doctor what I’m doing differently . I say three things. Two bad either. I did not do in 8 months and has gained 8 pounds, but I started taking pharmaceutical grade fish oil you were impressed as I am .. Now everyone in my office wanted to get on the bandwagon. We bought a case today! “Best regards, Rick McNeil Plano, TX Good work Rick and thanks for taking the time to share with us. Remember you can burn fat with the right supplements. Fish oil rules! All the best shape of King Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil, Dr Dave

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