When it comes to all the hype about vitamins, you may be wondering “Are vitamin supplements beneficial?” Although many nutritional studies conducted over the last few years, there is still much controversy surrounding the issue of daily vitamin supplements. The question is not whether taking a daily multivitamin is safe – the daily regimen including a multivitamin has been proven safe and effective. The question really boils down to whether someone can get all the vitamins and minerals needed from their diet. As you probably know well, today’s busy lifestyle makes it very difficult to plan, prepare, and serve a balanced nutritional diet. With people spending more time at work, or shuttling the kids to their extracurricular activities, eating out has become standard practice for most individuals and families. Therein lies the problem of a main meal! Eating fast food, or more than the size of the part of local restaurants, leaves much to be desired from the standpoint of nutrition. These foods are often prepared with artery-clogging oils, saturated fats, and lack of nutritional ingredients. When was the last time you felt that you eat a balanced meal in the restaurant of your local fast food? Worse yet, many people skimp on food, or miss them altogether, because of their busy schedules take precedent over supplying their bodies with the necessary nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Another “symptom” general fast-paced lifestyles of today, stress is known to have debilitating effects of a person’s body and reduces the ability to process food efficiently. Unfortunately, stress has become a way of life for us all. Our lives are busy, and the methods we use to cope with the resulting stress, almost guarantee we have shortages of essential vitamins and minerals. If the example above even remotely resembles the way you live, it is very likely that you will benefit from the recommended daily vitamin supplements. On the other hand, deficient in vitamins can cause serious physical problems. Symptoms can range from fatigue and listlessness to circulatory problems and damage to the nervous system. So, to answer the question “Are vitamin supplements beneficial?”, The answer is definitely YES. Both children and adults can benefit from taking vitamin and mineral supplements regularly. A high quality multivitamin supplement taken every day can be viewed as a policy nutritional “insurance”. So tell me, are you willing to take the risk of malnutrition “un-insured”? The decision is yours!

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