Acupuncture is a form of holistic healthcare. It is used as a treatment and prevention of some certain diseases and situations like pain relieve and anesthetize patients for surgery. For more than 5,000 years ago, it has been practiced in china first. However its first account is found in a book known as “Nei Jing”.
In English language the meaning of  “Nei Jing” is “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine”. The content of “Nei Jing” shows that it is round about 200 BC old. At that time, instead of metal needles herbs, stone and moxibustion were used to treat the patients.
The concept behind the use of acupuncture is that there are 14 channels in human body known as  “meridians”. These 14 cannels are branch out to whole body functions and organs. The most significant point is that you fall into a disease or an illness when an obstruction or blockage is found in any of them.
In such situations, acupuncture is used as the treatment by inserting a very fine needle into the body especially at anatomic points. Besides using the needle, impulses of electromagnetic energy, friction, heat, and pressure are also used to stimulate effected areas.
Human body generates small but electrical discharges that influence the growth, and maturity of some certain types of cells, by using Impulses of electromagnetic energy. By inserting the needles, it motivates the neurotransmitters and makes the patient feel better.
“The World Health Organization” has stated that acupuncture is most commonly used for osteoarthritis, headache and migraine, acute bronchitis, constipation, gingivitis, the common cold, hiccups, cataract, ulcers, toothaches, diarrhea, Meniere’s disease and many more. But in United States, acupuncture is used for the treatment of mind body disorders and chronic pains also.
Acupuncture is not a risk free treatment. It may cause Hematoma, pneumothorax, hepatitis and HIV, if the needle is not properly inserted or sterilized. This was our discussion of acupuncture. Now, you may know that it is just an alternative not an appropriate treatment. So, there is need to be examined by a professional in order to diagnose the disease properly.

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