Rows of giant clouds of heaven is like a besieged city of Birmingham in Alabama, Friday 16 December 201. Tsunami wave-shaped cloud swirling it makes the local weather stations inundated the population question that came with the strange cloud photo. This is tsunami in the sky?”
experts say the cloud is an example of Kelvin waveHelmlotz”. Whether in the sky or in oceans, this type of turbulence is always formed when a liquid layer or rapidly stir gliding above a thick layer that moves more slowly, thus dragging the surface
Water waves, for example, is formed when a layer of fluid on it (air) moves faster than the fluid layer beneath it (water). when the difference between wind speed and water level rises to a certain point. Breaking waves. forms such as sickle leaning forward, form what is called the KelvinHelmholtz wave form,
According to Chris Walcek, Meteorology experts in Atmospheric Science Research Center at the State University of New York at Albany, wind moving fast across the sky can drag the top of the slow-moving clouds underneath in the same wayIn the pictures sky Birmingham, there may be a layer of cold air near the surface wind speed is low,” said Walcek.

That is why there are clouds and fog in lapisa it. Above the cloud layer of slow-moving cold that there may be a layer of warm air is moving fast.”
Generally, the difference in wind speed and temperature of both layers atmospher is so small, or just too big. KelvinHelmholtz waves form when wind velocity and the difference in the two layers tempertur touched the right point, This photo shows the air between two layers of the atmosphere is nearing the threshold of turbulence, and mix to combine these two layers into one.” he said


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