Save computer from virus-Attack from computer virus | So you’ve bought your computer and want to get online? It’s not as simple as connecting the wires and off you go these days. The Internet is a strange and wonderful place as long as you can control what you do. That’s why you need to protect yourself. This can be done in a number of very simple steps. This article will help you get started, but you should always try to be smart when you are surfing the net! Step 1: Anti-Virus Scanner Are you connected to the internet or not, you need an Anti-Virus scanner. Your computer can be infected with “viruses”. This is a small file or code has been written to damage your computer! That is why they must be stopped! There are many programs out there that can help, but it’s best to trust only the main program as it is used extensively and updated regularly. Recommended: AVG Anti-Virus Free http://free.grisoft. Avast antivirus com/doc/1 http://www.avast.com/ Step 2: Firewall Ok so what do you think is the “firewall” sounds scary right? Well it’s not really. This is yet another line of defense against the number of ways your computer can be attacked. In simple terms it blocks other computer programs and connect to you and play with your stuff. Think of it as internet fire wall, where you allow what can pass through. Software – Again there are many programs available to protect you, Recent Microsoft Windows machines come with Windows Firewall, which can be described as basic at best. We recommend you go for mainstream again. Hardware – A firewall can also be included as part of your hardware, such as an Internet router “is a box that sits between your computer and internet line”. This is the best way and recommended to have a firewall. Such as block intruders before getting into your computer. Recommendation: Zone Alarm http://www.zonelabs.com/store/content/company/products/znalm/freeDownload.jsp Step 3:! Be AWARE simply watch what you download and accept to save to your PC, sometimes people can send files in e-mail. They look ok but when you run them, they will install something onto your PC and make you upset and confused. Always scan something that has been downloaded before opening it and never open / run programs that have been sent in e-mails from unknown sources. Step 4: Go for it was enough to get you going. If you think something is wrong, maybe not. Hopefully this will get you going to start with, wait until you find out about the spy ware and Trojan’s! Good Luck and Safe Surfing

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