I do not know how many times I’ve asked. “People who ask How do I get traffic to my website?” To best discuss this topic I have to break this into category

1. Title Tags The title should contain keywords and keyword phrases that are important to your site. Our recommended maximum number of characters for this tag is 60. Also when calculating your characters remember that spaces are considered as well. The headline should attract the reader otherwise even the top position will lose a lot of clicks. For example, “shoes, nike shoes, best shoes, shoe review,” it is impossible to induce clicks. What can induce click would like:. Shoes – Find out the latest styles in brand shoes 
2. Description The maximum number of characters I recommend for this tag is 150. More than this, and it will only cut and can count towards your site listed high in search engines. Try to repeat your keywords you use in your title in a sentence correctly and in a 3rd party. Advoid I, Me, Myself etc.
3. Keyword keyword my recommended maximum number of characters for this tag is 250. Any more than that might be considered spamming. Keep your keywords focused on what your site is about. Do not think that if I use a variety of different keywords that your site will be the seller. Targeted marketing is associated with your keyword.
 4. Keyword nested Description: A term used in seeking to show the order in which operations must be performed Enclosing words in parentheses identify the group or “nest.” The group can be in another group. Operations will be conducted from the innermost to the outermost nest, and then from left to right. Nesting Nesting is the main keyword your 5 most important keywords in the html page that the public will see. I would recommend using the keywords you’ve used in the title, description.
5. Heading Tags are not to be confused with the (head) def tag. HEAD or HEADER (HTML document) The top of the HTML source code behind Web pages, begins with and ends with. It contains the Title, Description, Keywords fields and others that web page authors may use to describe the page. The title appears in the browser title bar, but other fields can not be seen as part of the body of the page. To view the section of the web page in your browser, click VIEW, Page Source. In Internet Explorer, click VIEW, Source. Some search engines will retrieve based on text in this field. Head tags should repeat of your title tag. Most webmasters put their head tag right after the body tag. A header tag would look like this (h1) (/ h1) with (and) replaced by
6. Link anchor links html anchor tag one of the most important that your site should get a page search engine rankings, especially on google and msn.

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