Who needs an external external hard disk if later cloud computing is really booming in the user’s desktop? That’s a big question and challenge to the provider of storage media such as Western Digital (WD).

Albert Chang, Bussiness Media Development Manager for Asia Pacific Western Digital, said the need ekstrenal hard disk still would have needed among computer users, although cloud computing will become a trend in the future.

“Cloud computing is a great innovation progress. Like Facebook, you can store photos and videos in there, then open it anywhere. But after all, external hard disk will still be needed
Chang says, cloud computing on the one side is able to store without requiring a physical tool, but cloud computing, such as Facebook have access that can be viewed by anyone, at least by members of friends in social networking.

“External hard disklah that will complement it, photos, videos or anything that does not want to share widely the hard disk can be saved through this,” he added.

Besides Chang also mentioned cloud computing has limitations in storing document files as desired. Well it can be done by storage media such as WD, let alone the increasingly large capacities.

Then who will still use an external hard disk?

“All people are still going to need it. Whether it’s personal and corporate, because basically backing up data is something that is important,


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